Cosmeticos Korea, the new revolution!

Good morning,

Today I want to introduce a new online store that I discovered recently but it is amazing. To start talk about shipping, samples, loyalty points, products ...

Cosméticos Korea

Shipping: This site has something very positive is that it has free shipping, if as you have heard, free shipping for Spain and Latin. This to me is a very positive point because removing ebay, some buyers in other expenses sites as far away as South Korea tend to be high, so be free are we saved money to buy more products.

Sample: With every purchase you can choose samples of their products in order to test products to ensure that we like or to test new products. Samples can choose entering his facebook: Samples Gift

Reward Points: For every purchase made we enter the account some points that can be redeemed for money to be deducted in future purchases, something that helps us save on our purchases.

Promotions: From his facebook (Cosmeticos Korea), giving me love, you can get a voucher for the value of € 5. This voucher has a shelf life of three months.

Korea Cosmetics Features: Vicky is the girl who gets all the facebook website and cosmetics korea. She advises everyone personally who have doubts in choosing products. She is in charge of buying personally in Seoul all products to ensure authenticity, this is a point in favor of it, because on the one hand is the only online store that buys their products in physical stores in Seoul and thus assure us we are paying for a real product, not a copy.

Shop online: Features: BBcreams, Face Care (toner, serum, cream, eye contour, special treatment and mist), sun care, masks (masks gel / cotton, washable mask, mask of night, patches and peel-off mask ), cleaners (cleaning soap and cleansers), Makeup (eyes, face, lips and nails), body and hair (body care and hair care) and finally beauty accessories. And the brands we work with are: Missha, Etude House, Face, Innisfree, Skinfood and TonyMoly. For all you only have to enter this link: Cosmeticos Korea

What do you think this online store? I think it's an easy way to buy genuine products and with good care and making sure that the products reach us with your samples.


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